Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The 200th post

Last night after taking my last shower of the day, someone knocked my door. I was surprised when a bunch of 6 of my housemates greeted me with a birthday cake. I was shirtless that time.

Thanks guys! Love you all!

Banana chocolate cake indeed. Sorry because I didn’t manage to capture my birthday cake because I was too busy attacking my some housemates with cake creams. I turned out to be…

No longer sexyback.

My face being creamed.

Lucky for me that it was not that terrible that those bunch of housemates did that to me. However, I got to take another shower. I guessed this was my last shower of that day.

Today around 6.00 p.m., as usual I went out for dinner with my housemates (Matter, Kim Seong and me). The weather was so hot which can be seen below.

That’s my shadow.

Since it was a great weather (though it was so hot for me), I went to Pasar Malam with Kim Seong after dinner. Normally every Wednesday evening, I would have a walk around Pasar Malam to get some food like…

Kebab for RM 2.00

Ai Yu Ping for RM 2.00

Yew Char Kui for RM 0.60 (Fucking costly and so short!)

My first time trying Tau Fu Fah in Kampar (with syrup that tasted a bit of ginger) for RM ?.??

Putu Mayam for RM 1.00 – 3 pieces

Mentang-mentang” I was already 21 years old, so I decided to try my luck on…


I got those numbers from the bus ticket which I took a trip to Ipoh on 14 March 2009 with my coursemates. Unfortunately, not even “satu pun yang kena”. !@#$%^&* Wait till next time I try my luck again.


Agnes @ rB said...

HAHAHAHAHA kena creamed!!! Better than your classmates chasing you with water bottles and splashing you like mad!!! -.-"

Adrian Foo (符显杨) said... pula...Hahaha