Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It’s all about Mother Nature

Just because of few weeks ago I was unable to gain access to the internet because of terrible lightning struck in Kampar, Perak. Because of that, many residents in Westlake Homes lodged complaints regarding their faulty modem and router. Today, Danish House issued a notice.

Excuse me? I’m paying RM 275 every month for your services offered to me. Why on earth do I need to be charged in case my modem and router become faulty again? I can’t predict Mother Nature’s (weather) decisions. It is your responsibility to provide the best services to me.


I am trying to push my digital camera way beyond an ordinary digital camera. Don’t understand what the hell am I talking? I want to treat my digital camera as a DSLR though I wish to have one someday.

Appreciating Mother Nature, God’s creation & bla bla bla…

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