Saturday, March 7, 2009

Random & Short Post

Since I’m at my former housemate’s house for internet access, here I am, back to blogging atmosphere (for a short while). Damn Danish House can’t rectify internet connection in my house as soon as possible. I have no choice but to end up at someone’s place for internet.

Unfortunately, my aim was to complete my assignments with the help of internet. So, I couldn’t blog much for this time. Just to show you some pictures that I captured and edited.

Sorry for the poor resolution displayed by all the pictures above (if any). I resized them to suit into this post. If you want to view higher resolution, email me (Uiseh…).


Agnes @ rB said...

Hey nice shots!!!! Got improvement sudah eh!!!

Slowly save money can get DSLR sudah. :) but then so expensive!!! 1 lens also cost half ur balance in the bank O:

Agnes @ rB said...

I wonder how Father Cosmas can spent on that lavish set lens of his lol ><.

fyi he is my boss' eldest brother haha.

Adrian Foo (符显杨) said...

I tak sabar to have a DSLR. Just that $$$ doesn't allow me..