Thursday, April 30, 2009

Brother FOOLED Me…

See this bloody red shirt…

My brother gave it to me because he can’t fit into it (knowing that his body size much bigger than me).

From where and when he got this shirt? After both of my parents and brother dumped me in Kampar, Perak, on 11 January 2009, they return to KL shopping happily. And my brother somehow managed to get that shirt from Petaling Street (“Si Cheong Kai”).

During the Chinese New Year 1 week break, I returned home for celebration. My brother gave it to me. So, I accepted it as a homewear for me without wasting his money (actually I wanted it as my floor mat).

However, only last week, I finally wore it for the first time after receiving it from my brother. While cleaning my bicycle, I noticed that the shirt was wet and the red colour started to spread onto my white knee-length pants.

Must be something wrong with that shirt. I didn’t bring it to the laundry. I dumped it at one side of my room. Today, since I don’t even have the mood to study, I started to clean my room. Before that, I tried to washed the red shirt. The whole pail as if was filled with red paint. Like BLOOD! I called my mum..

Me: You know that Ah Chung gave me that bloody red shirt he bought from Petaling Street last time?

Mum: Yah why?

Me: I just found out last week the colour started to come off. And lucky I didn’t bring it to the laundry together with gai gai clothes. So now, I have to wash it by myself. Will the colour come off again after this wash?

Mum: I think so. Better don’t wear it anymore.

Me: Yalar, that Ah Chung bah.

Mum: Hahaha..

Continue to chat…

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Banana not just a fruit

Being in Kampar, Perak was a totally drastic change of environment to me. I just watch this Taiwanese drama through Youtube (since I don’t even have Astro subscription here).

What it has going to do with my life over Kampar?

Well, I have 1 main problem about myself in Kampar. My Mandarin indeed (What more can you say about my Cantonese)[Hakka that one I “paling terror lah”]. Some even asked me…

Person A-to-Z: Adrian, I realized that the way you speak Mandarin got a bit of American slang.

Me: Huh? Really? (o.0)…

No matter where I go, almost everything in Mandarin. I wonder how I end up one day in China? From speaking, listening, writing to reading, I was not being well educated with Mandarin language. From primary school onwards, I never learnt Mandarin except through my family. My housemates and course mates questioned me…

Person A-to-Z: That means you’re English-educated?

Me: Huh? Why do you say so?

Person A-to-Z: Because you never “tuk jung” (study in Chinese school) and your parents must be English-educated.

Me: Eh hello, I study in Malay school. Why don’t you say I’m Malay-educated instead of English-educated?

Another case, while listening to a Mandarin spoken announcement, if I can’t understand a word…

Me: What is “…” means? (I asked my close friends in Mandarin AND expect them to translate in English or Malay)

My Friends: Oh, means …

Alright I understand that I’m truly a “sang jiao” (banana) [a person who don’t know Mandarin]. I wonder why people in Peninsular Malaysia will judge you as an English-educated person straight away when you don’t know Mandarin language. Unlike Sabah, it seems no one cares about you if you can’t speak Mandarin.

I’m truly sorry if my Mandarin conversation between us really hurts you. But if it hurts you, you think I’m not hurt ah? Backstabbing me behind saying Adrian is “sang jiao”. !@#$%^&*

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

When UTAR’s Student Bill was issued…

Instead of spending less time studying UCCS 1023 – Data Structures & Algorithms but spending the most time facing my computer, I logged onto my UTAR’s portal. I didn’t even end my first year semester 2, UTAR has already issued me a student bill for Year 2 Semester 1.

I printed it out.

There goes my subjects and the cost of it which I’m going to take next semester.

Oh My Goodness! RM 5k by 12 June 2009?

I have to pay additional RM 609.00 once in a year. And I deserved:

  1. One of your staff’s bloody broken English.
  2. The canteen that always “Bao Pang”.
  3. Library which never provide information-able books to me.
  4. Every lecture room always dirty.
  5. My thumbdrive always being infected by virus because of your computers
  6. Etc.

So in summary,

Year 1 Semester 1: RM 4753.00

Year 1 Semester 2: RM 3444.00

Year 2 Semester 1: RM 5037.00

Year 2 Semester 2: ???

Year 3 Semester 1: ???

Year 3 Semester 2: ???