Thursday, April 23, 2009

2 Days to the Finals

Midnight just now, I managed to watch Phua Chu Kang episode 5 through the net. Next I continued to study Pendidikan Moral till 2.30a.m. I went off to bed after that.

At 9.55 a.m., while I was still in my dreamland, I received a phone call from unknown (0164404130)…

Lady: Hello?

Me: Hell U Hello…

Lady: Tahniah diucapkan kerana nombor telefon anda dipilih.

Me: Oh…

Lady: Anda telah memenangi satu decoder…

I aborted the call immediately. IF this kind of thing is true, why don’t she call me back again after I aborted her call? Continue to sleep again.

At 11.02 a.m., I received a SMS. I was not sure who the one is. Continue to sleep awhile. But, I got up from my bed and read the message instead.

Thank goodness you wake me up!

I gave Kah Keong a call immediately and allowed him to use my bike to university.

Me: Thank you for waking me up. And sorry if my look shock you (I didn’t comb my hair after got out of bed)[Bombed hairstyle].

Kah Keong: Actually I contact Chu Yik, Mike and Wann Yang to ask whether I can borrow their bicycle. But all of them were sleeping except you.

Me: Why don’t you ride your motorbike to university?

Kah Keong: Lazy to walk from UTAR east gate to Block A.

While waiting for my bicycle return, I checked out my course’s blog…

Notice that some wearing knee-length pants and slippers to university?

Candid shots taken by Mr. Kuek (lecturer) using his “girlfriend” (Nikon DSLR)

Credits to Chin Seng for obtaining these pictures.

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