Monday, April 13, 2009

Adrian, first one in all name lists

Sometimes, I wished I could change my name from…

Adrian Foo Hsien Yang


Foo Hsien Yang @ Adrian

Being the first person in almost every single name lists was a killing matter to me.

Case 1:

Lecturer A: Sir tired already. I just simply call a person from name list to help sir. Arian, Arian Foo (My name is pronounced as ADRIAN not ARIAN!). Help sir to solve this mathematical question.

My Coursemates: *Laughs* (Everytime sure “kena” called by sir).

Case 2:

Lecturer B: Tak silap saya, ada seorang di sini bernama Adrian kan?

Me: *Raised my hand*…

Lecturer B: Tolong baca soalan.

Me: *(=.=”)* (I have no choice)…

Case 3:

Before, Lecturer B display our coursework marks,

Lecturer B: Adrian yerr… nama anda pertama dalam senarai markah kerja kursus yah..

Adrian: *Smiled*

Whether I was born to be lucky or not with an English name, I felt the fame and pride compared to those who doesn’t have any English name that people with English names are much easier to remember compare to those who doesn’t have one.

Till now, I can’t recognize my course mates name except for their faces.


Agnes said...

if there is a Aaron in your class then you are not that kasian lah xD....

I'm also always the first one at school bah.... toh soi! LoL~

Adrian Foo (符显杨) said...

Sememangnya "toh soi"...I couldn't help myself with that.

一个女孩的故事 said...

Welcome to the A world~

Adrian Foo (符显杨) said...

Apalah..I thought I entered the wrong world. Hahaha...