Sunday, April 12, 2009


My life compared to Kota Kinabalu was a bit hard for me when I live in Kampar. This afternoon, I tried to clean my room’s exhaust fan. In Kota Kinabalu, I admit that I seldom do house chores. However, residing Kampar, I have learnt how to be “berdikari” (“Berdiri di atas kaki sendiri”).

Imagine my exhaust fan was so high up…

Pretty high for a short person like me huh?

The only way to get myself up to wipe my exhaust fan was…

Dining chairs?

I apologized to Danish House Sdn. Bhd. for what I have done to the facilities provided inside my premises. I took five dining chairs to the courtyard. Four chairs as base and 1 stacked on top of them. Short person like me could manage to climb up to clean the fan finally. Unlike in my hometown, I can get a ladder in my house.

But still I was wondering why those housekeeping never keep this courtyard clean?

Poorguy like me have to clean it up. !@##$%^&*

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