Thursday, April 9, 2009

My review – Prolink PKM6803U Multimedia Keyboard


Dimension: 392 * 163 * 20 mm (L * W * H)

Connectivity: USB

Provides 18 Internet/Media Hotkeys

Provides 3 ACPI power management keys

Switch reliability: 5 millions

High quality membrane tactile key switch available


On Wednesday (8 April 2009), the keyboard that I purchased online has arrived Kampar, Perak. I needed a keyboard desperately for my notebook. I had a hard time of typing numerical on my notebook’s keyboard and I don’t want to kiss the screen face the screen so near to me. So, I got myself a trusted brand but no so branded keyboard, Prolink for RM 40.00 (Not include shipping fees).

Why in the world they include a floppy disk instead of CD for driver installation?

Overall buttons of the keyboard.

While typing, it was quite noisy due to its intact of its buttons (I can’t explain well here). To overcome it, I suggest you should place a keyboard protector on your keyboard to reduce the noise while you’re typing.

Multimedia buttons (Missing: Backward and Forward button for media player).

The bottom.

Due to its small, slim and compact size, the TAB button CAPS LOCK button were being reduced by its size. These leads you to typing error whereby you could accidentally type “`”and pressing the TAB or CAPS LOCK button. Notice the “Fn” button? It doesn’t contribute anything towards this keyboard at all.

Even the BACKSPACE button was so small until you could also accidentally press “\” or any other button close to it. Again, because of its compact size, “Home”, “PgUp”, “PgDn”, “End”, “Ins” and “Del” button were not separate and place in between the main keyboard area and numerical area.

One good thing about it,

Illuminant keyboard!

There was a button by the side of the keyboard whereby you can turn it on or off the light. Not necessary to turn it on 24/7.


Anonymous said...

Hi Adrian,

How's it going with your keyboard after 8 months?

I'm thinking of buying this Prolink keyboard for my laptop. The other day I bought a Logitech Newtouch 200 but the letters on the key was not bold enough. I can't see the keys properly even during the day. The next day I returned it and they gladly give me the money back.

Hope to hear more of your comment on the Prolink soon.


Adrian Foo (符显杨) said...

Hi Fiver!

Thanks for reading my blog. So far I'm quite used to it (keyboard). It takes time for me to tolerate with some buttons due to its small size.

Place a keyboard protector onto it to reduce noise and dirt (because those buttons were white colour).

I think that's all about my feedback regarding this keyboard. Hope this comment will help you for your considerations

Abigail said...

I see that the specifications of Prolink keyboard include a high quality membrane tactile key switch. It's a nice membrane keypad for easy typing. You just have to practice for a while to get used to the new feel. No bad tactile sensations. In fact, it's good!

Adrian Foo (符显杨) said...

Practice makes perfect. Thanks!