Friday, April 17, 2009

Teaching Week Ends

Well, UTAR’s teaching week has come to an end for this semester. It almost marks the beginning of study week and also trisemester examinations. I was quite satisfied with three out of five subjects’ coursework marks. The rest, no comment.

I was too lazy to update my blog yesterday. Again, for the-don’t-know-how-many-times,

Duh? I’m having a slimming session in Kampar as usual (Because no one serve BEEF!).

Nothing in this world is always free.


And also busy chatting with my family via video call through Windows Live Messenger (WLM)…

Missing: Sister. XD

Since I don’t even own a 3G feature phone and yet 3G phone calls too costly, video call through WLM always free.

I also received a phone call from a bastard man…

Me:…(for few seconds)

058912564: Hello?

Me: Hello…

058912564: Who are you?

Me: Why do I need to tell you my name when I don’t even know your name first?

058912564: Oh…(followed by aborting the call)

This kind of bastard not worth to talk so much. If I were to tell my name, for sure I’ll be receiving “harassing” calls from him everyday. My dear people out there, please don’t reveal your name to an unknown person when you’re being asked. This advice also written in TM yellow pages which I flipped before. Hahaha…

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