Monday, May 25, 2009

Cyber Clean!!!

This was the thing that I’m going to mention, Cyber Clean. I bought it for RM 23.00 a bottle from one of the computer shops in Queensbay Mall, Penang. What was it for?

The pictures above says it all.

Better make sure your hands are dry before using this product.

Instruction on how to use this product.

You got to make sure you replace a new one when the colour changes.

Since I just bought it, the colour would be like above.

Imagine how dirty was my notebook’s ventilation.

I use it that agarpagar “jelly thing” and press onto my notebook’s ventilation hole. And the “jelly thing” turned out to be…

All dirts and dust sticked onto it.

P.S.: Can someone let me know where to get this product by cheaper price?


James said...

u bought cheaper than I.
I bought 2 weeks ago in a
computer shop in Mid Valley, KL
for RM26.00
Tks for visit my blog!

Jemsen said...

The one I bought (the jell) is bluish-green. It cost me RM26.00 in KL. I used it to clean my keyboard.
About 70% clean but those deep-in dirt still remain. Btw manage to click an ads (Taylor's College) in ur blog. Do drop by at my blog to support, tks!

Adrian Foo (符显杨) said...

OIC. Anyway thanks for letting me know the price.

Is it the same brand as I bought it from Penang? Anyway, thanks for letting me know the price.