Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pesta Kaamatan

In Peninsular Malaysia, I don’t deserve such two days of public holidays, Harvest Festival though I’m a Sabahan. So, it doesn’t affect my first day of Year 2 Semester 2 which falls on this coming Monday.

Finally I managed to download this soundtrack…


01. That year, 18-year-old

02. 暖流(主題曲)- CHIN / 鐘欣怡/ 陳澤耀

03. 厚臉皮(插曲)- 陳澤耀/ 郭曉東

04. 降落

05. 九份的年少輕狂

06. 你白目

07. 彈指間的心事

08. 對不起,只能祝福你

09. 迷亂

10. 那封情書- 李志清

11. JoshuaTheme

12. 我的厚臉皮(阿哲版)

13. 河堤上的友情

14. 我會想念你

15. 逆風(插曲)

16. 回暖

17. 告別冬季

So many “menjiwangkan” songs inside this album. I loved it so much! It was my first time watching a Taiwanese drama from the first episodes to the end. I do have the hard time to understand their Mandarin and Hokkien as well.


Agnes said...

I thought one of the actors in there is a Thai~~~ O:

Adrian Foo (符显杨) said...

Yeah. He's a Thai. Banana also...