Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sibeh Dulan over my Exam Results

Last night, I logged on to maybank2u.com to keep track of my transaction details since I spent a lot during this semester holidays in KL. I just found out that I even donate some money towards charity through online banking.

So I decided to donate…

RM 2.33?

When it comes to charity, I knew myself that I’m always “stingy”. At least better than nothing. I just want to get rid of my RM 0.03 in my account. I hate to RM 0.01 – RM 0.04 and RM 0.06 – RM 0.09 in my account.

Later, Sophia gave me a call…

Sophia: You pigi mana sudah oh?

Me: I kat rumah tengah tengok PC saye lah.

Sophia: Saya ada nudge kau tapi kau takda reply pun

Me: Ada eh? Takde pun kat sini. Saya tengok dulu MSN saye kau ada online tak…

Sophia: Hhmm…

Me: UI ada oh tapi tiada punya suara daripada kau. Cuba kau nudge sekali lagi.

Sophia: *NUDGE!*

Me: Tak de pun? Nape you call I ni?

Sophia: You belum lagi check kau punya result meh?

Me: Ada. Tapi “You’re not authorized to view this page”.

Sophia: harr?? Yerrr saya punya result macam ~~~~~

We continued to chat through the phone. I was so shocked that Sophia’s results was like ~*~*~. I tried to log into my UTAR portal to check my results. After I refresh the page few times, finally my result was like…


I didn’t expect my result like that. But thank God (my contribution towards charity really worth it) I’m able to proceed to my second year of my studies in Computer Engineering smoothly. Smoothly meaning to say no grade “D” and below (I hate to see grade “D” and below a lot) [grade “C” is a passing grade for me]. I don’t need to repeat any subject all over again.

I chat with Sophia again.

Sophia: Yerr your results better than me lorr this time…

Me: Don’t worry lah, you got PTPTN mah…unlike me depend on my father’s $$$.

Sophia: :-(

Me: Yamah, if I were to fail, my father will terminate my studies and ask me to go to work.

Sophia: Wah..but cert is important lorr..

Me: Haizz…

My mum then texted me. She asked why on earth she can’t sign into Windows Live Messenger. Moments later, she finally managed to sign in (At least my mother is not outdated person). I told her about my results…

Mother: Then consider failed?

Me: Nolah, still able to continue next semester without repeating any subject.

Mother: You better study hard! Your results so risky.



Agnes said...

Tambah MINYAK!!!!!!!!!

I hate seeing grades below Cs in my results that's why I worked hard during college days. I was glad I didn't get D for the whole 4 semesters!!!

So you tambah banyak minyak ah!!!!

Adrian Foo (符显杨) said...

Yeah. I'm going to aim higher next semester onwards. Thanks!