Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sushi for My Day!

I don’t understand why these days, my internet connection was so slow. Even I had the hard time to sign into my Windows Live Messenger. What more can you say of updating my blog and uploading photos through Anyway, I had healthy food for yesterday.

RM 8.90 sushi set for breakfast.

RM 9.90 sushi set for lunch.

I went to Jusco, Kinta City, Ipoh two days ago with my brother. So I decided to buy Sushi from Jusco Supermarket. As you know, I can’t get to eat good food in Kampar, Perak. That was why I’m here in Kampar for slimming session.

I cycled to UTAR during yesterday cloudy afternoon to obtain my so-called “Sibeh Dulan” result slip. And the way those staff served me was like shit! Kanasai! Somehow, as for my dinner, I headed to Pasar Malam with my new housemates. Unfortunately, I had unhealthy food from there for my dinner as well as supper.

Why is my internet connection so down to hell? !@#$%^&*

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