Friday, June 5, 2009

My fellow Coursemates described Me

Date: 5 June 2009 (Today)

Time: 10.00 a.m.

Subject: UALE 1083 – Basic Professional Writing

Venue: EDK 3 (damn freezing cold place)

Lecturer: Ms. Geetha

My lecturer gave us some briefing regarding the course outline. Next, she told a piece of paper…

Name: (My name)

Grade: (MUET results)

Expectation: (What am I going to expect from this lecturer besides aiming for an A in this subject)

Special Interest: (My hobbies)

Email: (My email)

D.O.B: (The date I was born)

Something about myself: (Describe myself in my own opinion)

After that, she told us to take out a piece of palm-size paper and wrote our name on it. She collected it and shuffled it. It was then given out randomly to others to describe the person according the name stated on that paper. It’s called ice-breaking.

This was what my other coursemates described me…

- A good photographer. Sure? (My FOOT!)

- A person who prefer “Crocs” (I was so well-observed by my coursemates).

- Good communication with English (someone trying to insult my Mandarin right?).

- Insane blogger (I have no idea who was that fanatic blog reader of mine).

- ABC *Bwahahaha* (I don’t understand this).

- Go back Sabah every weekend (must be Wei Lam)?

I didn’t expect Piglet even exist on someone’s paper. *Mystery*


pei sin said... really go back sabah every weekend...are you kidding me...hahaha...

Adrian Foo (符显杨) said...

My coursemate was the one kidding you. Wahahahaha...

weilam said...

so cleber....!!

Adrian Foo (符显杨) said...

Why don't describe "so clever" in that paper?

一个女孩的故事 said...
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一个女孩的故事 said...

I think I know wad ABC means
(my guess only lah)
ABC = American Born Chinese / Australian Born Chinese. It Means, Orang Cina Sasat (something like that) another saying is, A Chinese that dosen't really fluent in Chinese wheter in reading/ Writing or Understanding.

Adrian Foo (符显杨) said...

What the? Now i know what ABC stands for because of you. Hahahaha...

一个女孩的故事 said...

maybe when you speaking kan, got orang putih slang, thats y kena say orang abc

Adrian Foo (符显杨) said...