Sunday, August 30, 2009

It’s not YOUR MAMA’s Kitchen!

I was supposed to share the kitchen with another housemate living on the same floor as me and yet beside my room.

I have no idea why in the world (why on earth) he wanted to leave this piece of waste in the sink. It was there on Friday till now. Not to forget the terrible stench. I have no choice but to do my bottle washing on the first floor (pantry area). Don’t expect me to throw that piece of waste!


I spoke to that person nicely to get rid of the waste. But then I don’t understand where his mind went to.

Sorry for those who are living on the first floor. But I left my dish washing liquid as a sincere heart from me.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Few Reports & Assignments to GO!

I left with few “things-to-do” now. It seemed other courses don’t even have much assignments than my course. All I need is time.

Everyone gathered around to discuss and obtain tips for assignments.

Kim Seong claimed that I got the same shirt as Jason, the one with advertisement below…

Super bright sunset.

Implementing traffic light controller using BGC-8088.