Sunday, August 2, 2009

What the Hell?!

I have nothing much to say about my O2 Xda II mini after using it for about 4 years. Yesterday, while in the attempt of upgrading the ROM, it went into failure. My phone ended up unable to boot up Windows Mobile 2003 SE anymore.

It only displayed this.

My poor phone indeed led me to the lost of contacts, appointments, task, important documents and etc. My mind went ARRRGGGHHH!!!!

I was seeking for Mike’s help right now. But not sure went. I have “high” expectations on him because he owned and Omnia. Assignments kept rushing me to complete them. I have no time for my Iphone-like mobile anymore. Got to save $$$ for new mobile. (T_T)

During the midnight, Hong Leong, Kim Seong and me, the usual housemates cycled out for “yum cha” session. It is a MUST for at least once in every semester. But for God knows why, while I was cycling out, I bumped into Mr. M (one of my lecturer who “loves” to screw people up-side-down gao gao) who was crossing the road from FunFair.

Me: Hi sir…(I cycled off in front of him)

Mr. M: Hi…

Hong Leong: (0.0)??

Kim Seong: *Smiling away from me*

I was like OMG! Am I giving him a bad impression to him cycling out at night for drinking session? Why on earth he has to be appearing when I was having my FIRST night drinking session with my housemates?

Somehow, I saw a lady walking beside him while both of them crossing the road. Who is she? I wanna gossip about it to my course mates. Too bad, I couldn’t manage to see whether they are holding hands or not.

P.S.: I can see other people who apply for PTPTN, abuse the loan to buy PC? Gadgets?


Anonymous said...

hey mike here... very very sorry adrian yesterday out so no reply u...aiya forgot to tell u if wanna flash must ake extra precaution 1 cuz if wrong 1 step mayb die ady...hmmm..wait i later try help u check n c how ya...very sorry man...kinda my fault make ur phone sot..

Adrian Foo (符显杨) said...

Oh, my humble "slave". It's nopt your fault. Is just that my hand to itchy. Don't take it seriuously to yourself.

weilam said...

somehow i have this thing came across my mind . . .

Mr M : u know, i always advise my students to sleep before 10pm.
Lady : so early ?!?
Mr M : so they will never appear at this time... haha

After awhile...
(continue with adrian's yum cha story)


Adrian Foo (符显杨) said...

No wonder. You make my post more interesting dude!

If he reads my blog someday, siap lah kau. Hahahahaha...