Monday, September 7, 2009

Into Bicycle Modifications? [Part 2]

After I went to do re-cabling onto my bicycle cables with my brother this morning, this was how my bike looked like overall…

My Ride in Kampar. Lerun Solaris, Alloy Frame.

HANDLEBAR : Steel Rise bar.
HANDLE STEM : Ritchey Aheadset.
HEADSET : Oversized Ahead set.

Right Gear Shifting (Shimano RevoShift).

Left Gear Shifting (Shimano RevoShift).

ATTENTION, V-Brakes only!

Brake and Gear cables. Just Changed!

Rear Brake and Gear cables. Just Changed!

Crank set (Shimano Gear). I'm going to change my pedals into BLACK colour. DIsgusting Maroon!

DRIVETRAIN : Shimano Altus mix 21-SP.

Zoom Suspension fork.

ZOOM Suspension.

Comes with Serial Number. Don''t play play.

Zoom Seat tightening.

V-Brakes. Considering to change into Disc Brakes.

Bottle Holder. Just fixed for RM 12.00.


Lerun 21.0 Speed.

Mahal right? That's why I must treasure it till I graduate by giving more modifications.

Father bought that bike (not include other accessories) for such a nice figure of $$$. Considering to…

  1. Change to disc brakes
  2. Change front suspension in order to fix disc brakes
  3. Change hub in order to fix disc brakes
  4. Change to black rims
  5. Change to black pedals
  6. Change saddle with mixture of black, blue and white colour
  7. More to come…


Anonymous said...

walao, almost 2x the price of my bike -.-
why dont u further modify it so that u can cycle back to


Adrian Foo (符显杨) said...

By the time I modify, I don't need to cycle back to Sabah. I can fly with my bike back liao.