Friday, September 18, 2009

Rainy Season

I was happily having window-shopping at Tesco Kampar yesterday noon. I rode my bicycle there by entering UTAR’s main gate and took the exit at UTAR’s east gate.

But then, once I decided to return home, it was raining. I have no choice…

Me: Hello, Hong Leong…

Hong Leong: Yes?

Me: I’m at Tesco now. And it’s raining…

Hong Leong: *LAUGH* (But he accidentally stepped onto dog shit today)

Me: Can you ask Ryan to fetch me now?

Hong Leong: OkOk…

As for my bicycle, I have to leave it overnight at Tesco. I took the advantage…

To me: “Sila Letak Basikal Anda Di Sini & Ambil Pada Esok Hari”.

I locked my bike together with the metal bar as well.

The next day during lunch hour, Aaron brought me to Tesco again. Thank God my bike was still there. And no one sabotage it as well.

I had lunch after that. Unfortunately, when I tried to unlock my bike after lunch,

I had the hard time to open the lock until I forced to turn the key.

Lucky the bicycle shop was nearby. I was sweating carrying my bike (because the rear tire was locked together with bicycle frame) to that shop. I spent RM 26.00 to get two bicycle lock this time. One good one and one not-so-good one.

I wonder how to get rid of the coins??? Any coins deposit machine?


Anonymous said...

module weilam;

those bicycle locks, once in awhile need to put some oil inside the hole there, it'll be smooth to unlock, twist once open liaoz

no need wat special minyak pelicir, just some cooking oil can already....haha


Adrian Foo (符显杨) said...


I tried before. It makes my bunch of keys oily in the end.


一个女孩的故事 said...

Bring the coins back to KK lor, can use to pay for DBKK parking =).

Adrian Foo (符显杨) said...

No way I'm going to pay that hopeless parking bill. I always pay it by turning on my car's wiper ("sapu" it off)

Agnes said...

Wahhh poor key~ :(~~~

So many coins... if your Mom always went to wet market very frequent, change with her lol. that's what I did... :D

Adrian Foo (符显杨) said...

She got her own coins. I felt embarrassed bringing them to the bank sometimes.