Monday, October 5, 2009

My review – Samsung i900 Omnia [Part 1]


#1 – My Iphone Brick Hottie!

(I copycat-ed the way Ken Hong described his new phone too)

I will not post the specifications of this phone here as this post will be very (very very…) long. For more info regarding the specs of this phone, click here. BUT I have to mention that my Samsung i900 Omnia has an INTERNAL MEMORY of 16 GB! And it is WHITE colour.

#2 – The sexy sleek bareback of it.

#3 – Top (Reset button & Power/Sleep button)

#4 – Left (Hole & Port for Data Cable - Headphones)

#5 – Right (Camera Shutter button, Volume/Zoom button & Main Menu button)

#6 – Bottom (Microphone)

My Complains:

When I was craving for a new mobile phone, everyone went on saying:

“Adrian for sure goes for the touch screen type of phone”

“Adrian, why not Iphone?”

“Omnia Omnia Omnia”

“HTC also not bad”

“Sony Ericsson Xperia X1?”

“Nokia E71 or upcoming Nokia E72?”

Because of that, I was being spoilt by so many choices, opinions, suggestions, brands and etc. But still I have to consider my tight budget on buying a new phone.

The moment of truth has arrived when I bought the white Samsung i900 Omnia 16GB. It was my dream phone after all.

Truly all-in-one phone

When I first got the Omnia, I was fascinated by its’ sleek design especially proud to have a white colour Omnia. It looked as if you have an Iphone on your palm.

Kah Keong: How’s your new “Brick”?

Some said that I was owning a Samsung I8000 Omnia II? I have to say that you’re wrong! You were being fooled by me. Sorry for that

To be continued…


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