Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My review – Samsung i900 Omnia [Part 2]

For the hardware tour of my phone:

#7 – Earpiece cum Speaker, Tiny Sensor & Video Call Camera.

Speaker: Quality quite similar to Sony Ericsson mobile phone’s speaker. She has a sweet voice when it comes to GPS navigation. Somehow, I preferred she whispers to me by putting on my headphones for song listening.

Tiny Sensor: I suspected that she has “astigmatism”. I was not sure about it but most probably a brightness sensor.

Video Call Camera: It was my first 3G video call enabled phone ever. But I haven’t get to try video call feature yet.

#8 – Talk/Speakerphone button, Optical Trackpad, End Call/Lock button.

She belonged to the Samsung’s family. She has one of the “special” features that made me attracted to her. That feature was the Optical Trackpad. It was not just a button. But it was just like the touchpad can be found in common laptops.

#9 – Optical Trackpad test.

The moment I “molest” the part (trackpad), the cursor (see the above image) will move according to my motion and position of my finger. So, this reduces the scars (scratches) of the screen.

#10 – Multi-Fuction Jack.

The port is meant for headphones, USB data cable, TV out cable and charging as well. What made me worried about this port was the cover of it, the trap door. I need to leave it open (as shown in the picture above) in order to use my headphones and connect to PC for data sync. It looked fragile as it can be easily broken. So, the cover was at my own risk.

#11 – The Stylus.

Though her beauty sometimes may fade away, she has to bring along her most precious makeup accessories with her all the time. This phone don’t have a stylus slot. Samsung provide a RETRACTABLE stylus to be hung with your phone.

Some asked, “Adrian, why do you hang a mascara (or makeup stuff) onto your phone?” I also thought that I was hanging a cigarette.

#12 – 5 Megapixels Camera with Auto-Focus & LED Flash.

Her beauty continues with a 5 Megapixels Camera.

#13 – Shooting Mode page 1.

#14 – Shooting Mode page 2.

#15 – Focus Mode (Face Detection as well).

#16 – Brightness Control.

#17 – Flash Mode.

#18 – LED flash.

I have to say that pictures and videos taken using Samsung i900 Omnia above average. Don’t expect much from this phone. The camera equipped was just for your convenience in your palm. As for the LED flash, pictures taken with fired flash were not so good.

#19 – The inner part of her.

What I liked the most was her brain. She already equipped herself with an internal storage of 16 GB. Moreover, she still able to accept another 16 GB maximum capacity of microSD memory card. 16 Gb + 16 GB = ? I leave that for you to do the calculation. Unfortunately, I need to remove the phone battery first before I can remove the MicroSD memory card out.

#20 – The ROM

#21 – Her internal memory capacity.

Oh Omnia, your worthy 16 GB and SOON-TO-BE 32 GB totally entertained my life whenever and wherever I am.

To be continued…


kenwooi said...

cool gadget! =)


Adrian Foo (符显杨) said...

Definitely! I'm so obsessed with it. Hahaha...

Tony Wan said...

LOL.... good...I never got a Samsung hp.... LOL

Adrian Foo (符显杨) said...

Thanks! Try to get one soon.

Agnes said...

How much is your gadget? the 16GB is enough me to store songs to listen!!!

Adrian Foo (符显杨) said...

RM 2K like that for 16GB. Not sure how much for 8GB set. But I bought for dirt cheap. Hahaha...