Monday, October 12, 2009

My review – Samsung i900 Omnia [Part 4]

For the software tour of my phone:

#22 – Slide to Unlock.

Once I turned on the phone, all I need to o was to slide my finger to unlock my phone. Similar to Iphone?

#23 – Unlocked!

#24 – I installed SPB Mobile Shell and this is my phone’s interface.

#25 – My widgets.

#26 – My shortcuts for Online & Connectivity.

#27 – My shortcuts for Work & Document Viewers.

For a bit of demo regarding SPB Mobile Shell, watch the video below…

#28 – Today Screen

#29 – Programs overview Page 1

#30 – Programs overview Page 2

#31 – Programs overview Page 3

#32 – Programs overview Page 4

#33 – Programs overview Page 5

#34 – Games overview Page 1

#35 – Games overview Page 2

#36 – Office Mobile overview

#37 – Settings overview (Personal)

#38 – DivX VOD Resgistration

With DivX, my phone able to entertain me with DivX supported movies. I wouldn’t feel boring whenever I have my long journey way back home in airplane, train or car.

#39 – Settings overview (System) Page 1

#40 – Settings overview (System) Page 2

#40 – Settings overview (Connections)

To be continued…


Kennee said...

Cool review on the phone... XD
Btw, nanged ur post on innit and clicked your ads... ^^

Adrian Foo (符显杨) said...

Thanks you very much. I always try my best to give reviews on gadgets that I owned.

Riezal aka Rezdrake said...

nice gadget by the way.. awesome review.. keep on reviewing other gadget.

Adrian Foo (符显杨) said...

I'll try my best to give reviews on other gadgets. Just that money matters.