Monday, October 19, 2009

My review – Samsung i900 Omnia [Part 5]

For the software tour of my phone (Garmin Mobile XT):

Thank goodness my phone was equipped with GPS for navigation with A-GPS support. Travelling especially around Peninsular Malaysia will be easier by using Garmin. This Garmin is using MalFreeMaps.

#42 – Startup.

#43 – Select “Where to?”

#44 – “Where to?” Page 1.

#45 – “Where to?” Page 2.

#46 – “Where to?” Page 3.

If you’re running out of idea on where to spend your trip to, select “Points of Interest” as shown in #44 – “Where to?” Page 1.

In “Points of Interest”, you can search for categories like…

#47 – “Points of Interest” Page 1.

#48 – “Points of Interest” Page 2.

#49 – “Points of Interest” Page 3.

#50 – “Points of Interest” Page 4.

I tried searching for places of interest nearby my location in Kampar. All I did was to select “Food & Drink” as shown in #47 – “Points of Interest” Page 1.

Then select what kind of food you would like to have…

#51 – “Food & Drinks” Page 1.

From there, it will give you a list of places to eat nearby my locations in Kampar, Perak.

#52 – List of eateries nearby.

I can even store and rename locations as shown below.

#53 – List of “My Locations” Page 1.

#54 – List of “My Locations” Page 2.

From there on, it will calculate your route and guide you to your destination. “In 400 metres, turn left then arriving destination on left.” I’ll name my sweet lady navigator voice as “Amy”. Hahaha…

#55 – From Lintas guiding me home (not that I’m stuck).

#56 – Tried Garmin at my hometown.

So next time, whenever I want to visit that place again, I just need browse the list of “My Locations”. As simple as that. Thank you Garmin for always being by my side while traveling.

#57 – “Settings” Page 1.

#58 – “Settings” Page 2.

#59 – “Settings” Page 3.

Here were few attempts I have made by using Garmin to guide me to my destinations…

  1. What makes an Ipoh, an Ipoh?
  2. Journey Back Home.

To be continued…