Friday, October 23, 2009

UTAR CarPark Sticker, I GOT IT!

In my last post, and I logged onto my UTAR Portal to check out whether I manage to get a place for me to park my vehicle inside UTAR Perak Campus compound.


But too bad ST 9981 B is in Sabah right now. There’s no way “exporting” it to Kampar, Perak. I need that car so badly whenever I want to go out.

And I’m giving out my carpark stickers to the person that never appreciate my luck with bunch of people lazy to walk to school. My brother’s coursemate car. Not sure how’s the procedure going to be like from ST 9981 B to XXX XXXX how. Anything happen, I kenasoot” by UTAR.

Something to bangga of.


Kennee said...

LOLz... so hard only get the sticker... but car not here to use it... Pity.. XD Btw, nanged ya on innit and also ad clicked... ^^

Adrian Foo (符显杨) said...

Anyway, I'm having my holidays now. I don't need the carpark sticker desperately. Hahaha...