Wednesday, December 30, 2009

13th Week Holiday in KK

I was being thrown with two gadgets to try….

Samsung i8000 Omnia II & Canon PowerShot G11.

I can only afford for brochure . Love QWERTY keyboards on board.

See the price. RM 3++ or RM 300++?

I super duper loved this book! Well done Lydia Teh for illustrating Malaysia’s living lifestyle.

Idiot bike.

Tonight and tomorrow night (New Year eve), I’ll be out for celebrations.

P.S.: A pair of my Crocs shoes was stolen. And I’m not left with the left foot of Crocs Sandal. Shitty culprits! Now I need to fork out about RM 500 to get some sandals and shoes in KL. Arrrgghhh!!!


sook beng said...

lydia teh is 1 awesome malaysian author.. you should get her other books.. recommended.. enjoy reading!

Adrian Foo (符显杨) said...

Totally awesome to read. Wait till I finish reading this book first. Hahaha...