Wednesday, January 13, 2010

KL Shopping 10 – 13 January 2010 [Part 1]

Malaysia’s Year End Sales was over. I had the hard time looking for clothes and even shoes. On the first day, I arrive at KL Sentral.

After I placed my hand carry into the locker service, I made my way to MidValley Megamall for shopping. I spent the whole afternoon till evening there shopping.

Only managed to purchase a shirt for myself. Return to PJ since Sophia handed her service suite keys for me to stay.

Lucky I have internet access at her place.

On second day, I went to KLCC. I saw…

Gigantic Patrick!

I’ll be grateful when someone willing to give me this RM 119.90 soft toy.

I had the opportunity to try…

Since I can’t find it in Sabah.

I tried out…

Indeed, there’s white chocolate.

From Parkson KLCC, I bought a pair of shoe…

To replace my stolen Crocs Shoe. It burnt a whole in my wallet.

I shall not mention the price of that shoe but the clue: RM 3 figures point 2 figsures. My second day of shopping didn’t end like that. Stay tuned for next post.

I need to meet up two Sabahan friends who were desperately looking for me in Kampar.


小蜻蜓 said...

ei,at Kuching Tung gai also can find Patrick!!! From big to small, just pick your size!! i got a friend just like you,SUPER BIG FAN of PATRICK!!

Adrian Foo (符显杨) said...

But in Kuching I'm not sure whether they are ori or not. Because it was K's Kid production