Saturday, February 27, 2010

Week 6 in UTAR Jan 2010

Everything was in pictures…

Listening to song with my Ipod Touch Omnia in library.*

My busy boss.*

Something went into my eye.*

Tee Zai discovering my phone.*

Family of Sony Ericsson.

Abusing the campus computer before lecture begins.

I love the saddle.

Tesco Kampar was flooded due to pipe bursting.

I went there yesterday to look out for stock clearance. LoL.

Lovely rainbow.

It’s RAW!

I’ve paid the food. And yet this Aunty asked me why I don’t finish my rice. Totally a bloody bastard aunty. I’ve paid for it already. So what if I don’t finish it? Sudahlah your chicken is not well cook. You think your rice is from Beras Siam / Wangi kah?

*Picture credits to Siao Roo & Mike Lee.

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