Wednesday, March 10, 2010

She’s my “ex-“

I just loved the way “she” posed every moment I hit the shutter button of my camera. We’ve been through just a short while because I don’t understand her features well. Sadly, she’s my “ex-“ now with someone who appreciate “her” more than I am.

Actually the above desktop are totally not belong to me (though I wish to have one). It belonged to my coursemate, Kah Keong who willing to perform photo shoot on “her”.

P.S.: The third picture in this post was spoiled by someone’s “cute” pillow.


Supia Chao said...

Haha.. maybe its time to let 'her' go..

kenwooi said...

lol at the pink pillow =P

Adrian Foo (符显杨) said...

[Supia Chao]

Yes that pink pillow is a spoiler...Hahaha...