Friday, April 9, 2010

Week 12 in UTAR Jan 2010

Assignments haven’t complete and Final examinations are in few weeks time. That’s my life as a Computer Engineering student here in UTAR. No point for me to regret right now because it has been my Year 2 Semester 2.

  1. Had my haircut for the first time in this semester three weeks ago I supposed.
  2. Had lunch with my brother @ Vegas Kitchen.
  3. Bought a couple “Smillies” for my Aunt.
  4. Bought a LATE self-birthday present, “Monstrous Hand” for my Omnia.

P.S.: Another LATE self-birthday present? I can’t wait for it. An Iphone? A Blackberry 9700? Canon EOS 550D? New bicycle? Another 3 pairs of Crocs footwear? A netbook?

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