Friday, April 30, 2010

Week 14 & Study Week in UTAR Jan 2010

These two weeks was ruined by assignments. Week 14 doesn’t seem to be the normal Week 14 that supposed to. And Study Week doesn’t seem to be study week that supposed to.

I knew my mood was down because of this. But there’s always at least a person from my course who cheered me up. Study week, I don’t even have the time to revise for other subjects.

So, my brother returned to KK yesterday after his 2-days-only-for-2subjects-exams. But the night before…

We had dinner together at Vegas Kitchen that came a bill of the sum RM 35.30 which I was required to pay.

We even went to Pasar Malam just to get myself a bloody fake-dirt-cheap pair of Crocband…

RM 20.00 (Check out the quality).

There was a Crocs Warehouse Sale going on this few days at Ikano Power Centre. I really wanted to go. But because of time limitations, I had no choice but to buy a fake ones from Pasar Malam just to cure my cravings.

Manage to have webcam session with my brother while he was waiting for his flight at KL LCCT Departure Hall.

1 Down, 4 More to GO!


jfook said...

But it looks like a real one..LOL...Ya, you should go to the warehouse sale since you are Crocs fan.

Wooi Kit said...

man man lai... you can buy crocs product next time... :)

Adrian Foo (符显杨) said...

I always wanted to go but time matters.

[Wooi Kit]
Definitely one day I'll have the chance.