Sunday, May 16, 2010

KL during May 2010 Sem Break [Part 1]

As mentioned in the last post, let me tell you what I did for 3 days 2 nights in KL before returning to Sabah.

I went to MidValley for DCIM Show 2010 with Alvin and Sophia. What is that?

Will blog about it in next post.

From MidValley I bought:

LensPen for my brother (I think “Made In China”) for RM 17.00

Nike “Footie” Socks for RM 18.90.

Later, we return to home and headed to swimming pool…

Even had dinner nearby their place and bought pizza for supper…

RM 15.00 (quality better than Pizza Hut)

Since Alvin’s P1 Wimax has come to a year of subscription…

Free Wiggy!

To be continued…

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