Friday, June 25, 2010

1st visit to Dental Clinic, Kampar

The hole at one my wisdom tooth getting bigger. I tolerate no more. I decided to cabut it instead of filling that doesn’t last me half a year. It will be a waste of money to do filling frequently onto my wisdom tooth.

A big hole was due to idiot hard-shell crab that my father once brought me for dinner. I’ve done filling onto it once. I asked Kah Keong for any dentist around Kampar (only available in Old Town). And lucky he has one. So on Tuesday…

Went for dental appointment (doesn’t seemed to be appointment at all) by Kah Keong’s motorbike (I just love to ride without a “missing alphanumeric, B2 class” license).

Even the dentist recommended me to cabut that tooth after I seek his advice and ask about any other effects. In the end, I tapau-ed my poorly deformed wisdom tooth back home. I just kept staring at it non-stop and it was such an ugly “paste”

Goodbye RM 85.00 for dentist’s hard work and sweats…

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Anonymous said...

may i know where is this dental clinic and what's the number for it