Sunday, July 25, 2010

Silent “Voice Out”

They are trying to so-called play with their rules not only me but others as well. Some course mates thought that we would be able to blast our RIGHTS to them. Human have rights. Doesn’t mean rules ruling everything in life.

Well, I found that UTAR student feedback via portal not bad after all. For the past few weeks, I encountered…

It’ stinks whenever I arrive for my lecture class.

It was a mild eruption of sewage at one of the manhole in UTAR, Perak Campus. I couldn’t stand the terrible stench. So I decided…

For your info, is my English very bad aren’t they? LoL!

The response details of my feedback:

Jul 06 10, 7:47:57 PM

Feedback submitted to Perak RGO DGS-PK.

Jul 07 10, 9:48:03 AM

HOD acknowledged and took action on feedback.

Jul 07 10, 12:26:46 PM

Action taken:

1. Thank you for your feedback.

2. DEF has been informed to take the necessary action.

Jul 08 10, 8:09:35 AM

Feedback Closed.

Even there’s more news about that I’m aware of…

Click here.

The management indeed took action…

Click here.

Speechless then?

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