Thursday, July 8, 2010

Week 5 in UTAR May 2010

I can feel the “peak” season for my course and I can smell the durian season is coming as well. Final Year Project, Mid-term Test, Practical Reports and Assignments are piling up. Gonna burn midnight oil soon no matter what circumstances.


In UTAR Main Library…

Just randomly snapped some pictures – trying out my Samsung Omnia’s camera feature.

Chuah Siang Leng.

And his legacy device, O2 Xda Atom (perfectly matched with the word, “Museums”).

I just can’t stop laughing snapping pictures out from magazines.

During practical lab session…

Fuzzy Logic.

Credits to Siang Leng for the pictures below…

Incredible Hulk (Pang Yik Hoong)

Can you spot me?

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