Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Week 8 in UTAR May 2010

It was few days after Tsunami 2004 occurred. Can't believe I had vacation with my family that time.

I bought this pair of shoe from Bangkok, Thailand for about 2000 baht. It's GENUINE from NIKE!

It has been more than 5 years it provides me a comfortable walking experiences. I'm tired of "superglue-ing" the sole that keeps peeling off. I decided not to wear it anymore. Else, I fall into embarrassment.

I still prefer the old bottle ones (Left).

Cool Epikcase for my Samsung i900 Omnia.

I really love that Fart Machine app. on my Omnia.

Why in the world McD Drive Thru finally about to open soon in Kampar when I’m about to graduate soon (hopefully)?

Samsung Team came to UTAR for BADA OS Developer Challenge talk. Also briefly introduce BADA OS by Samsung and promoting Samsung Wave.

Goodies from Samsung.

All I can say about these pictures below is the word “WoW”…


I still don’t get it why these bikes are not chained? I snapped this picture at UTAR Block C, near Gymnasium Entrance.

I believe my coursemates would also ask WHY!

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