Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Exam status: 3 Down, 1 to Go

Going to sit for my last exam paper this coming Saturday. After that day, which is Sunday, 26 September 2010, I'll need to perform spring cleaning to my room and pack stuffs into my gigantic luggage. Homecoming will be the next day, 27 September 2010, Monday.

How nice to have a house in Peninsular Malaysia instead of spending hundreds on transportation fees going back to the East? And SOME Idiots typically from Peninsular Malaysia never knew how tired (and yet costly) it was for me for a long journey back home, Sabah. WTF! Who should I blame? The government? Ministry of Transportation?

If I'm a tycoon's son, why would I still insist on cheap airfares or budget airline? I would have at least turn myself up at the airport LAST MINUTE and board the "about-to-take-off" flight without wasting my time going through bookings and payments online few months advance. Or maybe owned a private jet plane so that I can depart anywhere and anytime.

If there's alternate mode of transport back to the East like ship, would you be that STUPID to spend days or weeks floating your time around the sea just to get your ass home? by the time I reach home, my semester breaks are over. Star Cruise? Forget about it. I don't think this "Titanic" ship will have the route back to Sabah.

Anyway, something that you can't get it in Sabah (or maybe Sarawak)...

Raisin Bread from Gardenia for RM 4.00

Normal Gardenia white bread which is much softer compared to my hometown. This was my first time ever buying a loaf of white bread from Gardenia in my entire study life in Kampar. RM 2.30 (small loaf).

Roti Aiskrim for RM 1.00. Again, this was my first timed trying this as there's this old man with his bicycle *rang the bell* right in front of my house.

Curry Fish Head from Warung Kam Seng. I shared this RM 16.00 dish with my brother for dinner.

My favourite burger stall that is always crowded with customers especially students during the night.

For God knows why my socks always went missing, I need to get few pairs. Lucky there's someone could help me to get socks from Hush Puppies.

Thanks to the two Wong sisters. LoL!

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