Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cycling Trip [Part 1]

My whole body was aching because of this trip. My whole face was like a burnt corpse. I'm so dead tired MAX. Somehow, it was like an adventurous cycling trip and I never regret participating it. 8 person including me turned up for this trip.

It all started when we first gather at House No. 1409 for starting point. About to depart by 7.00 a.m. SHARP but force to wait for this firstly declared person as "Captain SLOW". Let the pictures and captions explains my Cycling Trip [Part 1].

Wai Meng & Kah Keong trying to tie up bicycle pump to bring along. For emergency use.

We began our journey by taking the "Jalan Mati" that led us to offroad...

I came across a banner, Kursus Perkahwinan.

Lurve SHIMANO gearing system.

We took a break before heading out to the road leading to Tg. Tualang.

That's me, camwhoring while cycling.

Cycling along the stretch of road was rather boring with no buildings and etc. So I just snapped here and there some pictures...




I brought along this Nike small pouch to stuff my camera in it. It was so convenient that I was able to take out my camera when needed.

After the boring stretch of road (even smell of cow dungs and urine XD), here came civilization!

We opted to go Tg. Tualang first.

We pulled over at one of the school situated in Tg. Tualang...

You need to take a picture or signboard of a place you've visited.

Planning and deciding where to get Chin Seng's bike fixed.

Kah Keong & Mike Lee.

That's it for my Cycling Trip [Part 1]. Next post, I'll show more about Tg. Tualang!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Week 1 & 2 in UTAR Oct 2010

Can't believe Week 2 was coming to an end. I seriously found out the subject I've taken for this short semester was rather boring during lecture. Not until when it came to Tutorial class, I was totally paying attentively to what my tutor was saying.

One more thing, I really don't understand what went wrong with UTAR staffs. Their working attitude was like I-want-to-spit-on-their-face.

Nothing much happen lately. Just that I couldn't resist myself eating Kacang Puteh. It's like so easy to get it in West Malaysia...

This one above, much better than Twisters or whatsoever Twisties.

Finally, I managed to get myself this one of a kind t-shirt from Graffi Tee...

It's clearly stated in the T-shirt. But for me, I'm not an Indian nor a Malay. I'm just an ordinary guy with heavily tanned skin complexion. Can't wait for the chance to wear this shirt around.

Tomorrow I'll be attending an expedition. A cycling trip I would rather say. Just hope everything goes smooth throughout my journey, Kampar > Tg. Tualang > Batu Gajah > Kampar.

Monday, October 18, 2010

It's like not the 1st of Short Semester Oct 10

On that day I was on my way back to Kampar, I stopped over MidValley as well as The Gardens with my brother before boarding KTM train back to Kampar. During that 4 hours stopover, we had...

Domino's Pizza!

I may look ugly with my geeky spectacles because I don't wear contact lenses whenever I traveled long journeys.

Someone paid this lunch for me.

Next, we have shopping within that 4 hours as well.

Decided to wear it for X'mas this year (because I don't know which trousers to match with)

Today wasn't like my first day to UTAR for short semester. I don't even know what was my timetable looked like. Some officers in FGO of FICT kinda assume I want to repeat a subject instead of adding subject for this short semester. How "bangau" would that be?

Lastly, I didn't expected to attend Group 2's tutorial instead of Group 1's tutorial sheduled on Wednesday. "Efficiency" betul!

Lastly, I still kept these useless KFC Coupons...

At a second thought, I would rather spend another few ringgits for Snack Plate instead of this unhearty and yet not fulfilling meal as shown in the coupons.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Back for Short Semester Oct 2010

I don't understand why I am not authorized to view my results yet while other coursemates of mine had their results. I kept refreshing webpage all the time till now 4.00 a.m. + and nothing happens. In few hours, I'll be leaving for KL and returning to Kampar for short semester. Yeah! No three months holidays for me this time.

My semester break? Pictures tells it all...(in random order of happenings)

Jayden (another baby) [say HI!] and Qaiser.

Damn cute to me!

Bought Nokia BP-6M battery for my abandoned Nokia 9300i for RM 30 (non-genuine one). Finally, bringing the Nokia 9300i back to life.

New wireless modem to replace faulty 2 years old wireless modem (Free due to lifetime warranty).

I tidied up my room and found this "kupon tandas" which is used during my secondary school days. Only in S.M. All Saints. Not sure what method are they using now. Hahaha...remembering those sweet memories.

13 years old fish died. Pity...

Leftover Spaghetti sauce.

Sanwich-toasted with it. Yumz~

Apa pun naik harga. Itulah Sabah. Memang BAH!

Couldn't attend my old buddy's convo but lucky to have a photoshoot with him at studio. Congrats bro~!

I even went out for drink and even gathering with both All Saints and LaSalle friends...

Ken Hong and Lee Vui.

Jhun Haw and Eddie Yap.

Thanks to Jessie Lee for snapping with "perasaan" girl along in this picture above. =.="

That silly rider seems to be in a rush. He stopped where he wasn't at.

That's all for my semester break. And I still can't get to view my results. Bye Kota Kinabalu! Signing off~