Friday, October 15, 2010

Back for Short Semester Oct 2010

I don't understand why I am not authorized to view my results yet while other coursemates of mine had their results. I kept refreshing webpage all the time till now 4.00 a.m. + and nothing happens. In few hours, I'll be leaving for KL and returning to Kampar for short semester. Yeah! No three months holidays for me this time.

My semester break? Pictures tells it all...(in random order of happenings)

Jayden (another baby) [say HI!] and Qaiser.

Damn cute to me!

Bought Nokia BP-6M battery for my abandoned Nokia 9300i for RM 30 (non-genuine one). Finally, bringing the Nokia 9300i back to life.

New wireless modem to replace faulty 2 years old wireless modem (Free due to lifetime warranty).

I tidied up my room and found this "kupon tandas" which is used during my secondary school days. Only in S.M. All Saints. Not sure what method are they using now. Hahaha...remembering those sweet memories.

13 years old fish died. Pity...

Leftover Spaghetti sauce.

Sanwich-toasted with it. Yumz~

Apa pun naik harga. Itulah Sabah. Memang BAH!

Couldn't attend my old buddy's convo but lucky to have a photoshoot with him at studio. Congrats bro~!

I even went out for drink and even gathering with both All Saints and LaSalle friends...

Ken Hong and Lee Vui.

Jhun Haw and Eddie Yap.

Thanks to Jessie Lee for snapping with "perasaan" girl along in this picture above. =.="

That silly rider seems to be in a rush. He stopped where he wasn't at.

That's all for my semester break. And I still can't get to view my results. Bye Kota Kinabalu! Signing off~

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