Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cycling Trip [Part 1]

My whole body was aching because of this trip. My whole face was like a burnt corpse. I'm so dead tired MAX. Somehow, it was like an adventurous cycling trip and I never regret participating it. 8 person including me turned up for this trip.

It all started when we first gather at House No. 1409 for starting point. About to depart by 7.00 a.m. SHARP but force to wait for this firstly declared person as "Captain SLOW". Let the pictures and captions explains my Cycling Trip [Part 1].

Wai Meng & Kah Keong trying to tie up bicycle pump to bring along. For emergency use.

We began our journey by taking the "Jalan Mati" that led us to offroad...

I came across a banner, Kursus Perkahwinan.

Lurve SHIMANO gearing system.

We took a break before heading out to the road leading to Tg. Tualang.

That's me, camwhoring while cycling.

Cycling along the stretch of road was rather boring with no buildings and etc. So I just snapped here and there some pictures...




I brought along this Nike small pouch to stuff my camera in it. It was so convenient that I was able to take out my camera when needed.

After the boring stretch of road (even smell of cow dungs and urine XD), here came civilization!

We opted to go Tg. Tualang first.

We pulled over at one of the school situated in Tg. Tualang...

You need to take a picture or signboard of a place you've visited.

Planning and deciding where to get Chin Seng's bike fixed.

Kah Keong & Mike Lee.

That's it for my Cycling Trip [Part 1]. Next post, I'll show more about Tg. Tualang!

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