Monday, October 18, 2010

It's like not the 1st of Short Semester Oct 10

On that day I was on my way back to Kampar, I stopped over MidValley as well as The Gardens with my brother before boarding KTM train back to Kampar. During that 4 hours stopover, we had...

Domino's Pizza!

I may look ugly with my geeky spectacles because I don't wear contact lenses whenever I traveled long journeys.

Someone paid this lunch for me.

Next, we have shopping within that 4 hours as well.

Decided to wear it for X'mas this year (because I don't know which trousers to match with)

Today wasn't like my first day to UTAR for short semester. I don't even know what was my timetable looked like. Some officers in FGO of FICT kinda assume I want to repeat a subject instead of adding subject for this short semester. How "bangau" would that be?

Lastly, I didn't expected to attend Group 2's tutorial instead of Group 1's tutorial sheduled on Wednesday. "Efficiency" betul!

Lastly, I still kept these useless KFC Coupons...

At a second thought, I would rather spend another few ringgits for Snack Plate instead of this unhearty and yet not fulfilling meal as shown in the coupons.

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