Saturday, November 27, 2010

Week 5 & 6 in UTAR Oct 2010

Nothing much happen in U. When it comes to Education, the only thing I'm not satisfied with when it every lecture has reached to an end, everyone approach to the front to sign for attendance...


When it comes to Career Path...

I've got this door gift from one company during career fair in UTAR.

When it comes to Food...

RM 4.30 per box! It's tasted so "premium". Love it.

From pasar malam, keropok ubi kayu or I can say it's a home-made Pringles!

This tasted like fried onions and star anise (Google it to know what is star anise).

Tasteless YAM dish. RM 1.50 per plate.

When it comes to Entertainment...
Went to Ipoh Parade for movie + window shopping with my housemates, Chee Siong and Kim Seong.

NEVER watch SKYLINE! Pissed off. Just watch the trailer of it below will do...

And our trip to Ipoh wasn't that all. Bumped into Mr. Leong, my lecturer a lot of times. Surprisingly, we even watch the same movie...

But he's not alone.

Can you spot a lady sitting next to him?

Installed Tekken Resolute into my Samsung i900 Omnia.

Also installed Need For Speed Shift.

When it comes to Gifts...

Brother bought a pair of chopsticks from Malacca.

Some may think that I don't know how to read Chinese.

When it comes to Fashion...


I'm no longer afraid to have haircut in Kampar anymore (Thanks to LWM for telling me where in the world you get a perfect haircut for yourself). I just love to keep my hair short for RM 8.00. Cheap? Indeed!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Alhonga Bicycle Brake Pads

I've got this bicycle brake pads few weeks ago. Well, I bought it online from this website. You can't get good bicycle accessories in most bicycle shops in Kampar. Even if it does, the price of it will be a "neck-strangling".

I just love best braking performance of my bicycle. I came across this brake pads from Alhonga, Taiwan-made (I trust Made in Taiwan more than Made in China).

RM 15 for both brake pads above.

Front bicycle brake pads.

Rear bicycle brake pads.

Compatible with V-brakes.

Google up for more info regarding this brand...

Picture above taken from Alhonga's website.

Fiery red rear brake pads.

L = Left

R = Right

Seriously, I was damn damn satisfied with my front brakes performance now. Except for the noise emitted once I hit the front brakes.

I've tried to eliminate the noise by applying a little oil onto my bicycle rim and wiped it off with dry clothe. Noise reduced but braking performance drop a little. Just hope I do some "warm up & burn out" on it over a period of time.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Week 3 & 4 in UTAR Oct 2010

What pissed me off what this campaign called "Give Me 5" in UTAR. I think it's useless and hopeless. There are so many banners hanging around UTAR compound...

Will you drive according to this message through this campaign? UTAR should stop providing ample of parking space instead.

The whole campus is hot and humid. How many of you simple enter an empty rooms and turn on air-con?

Why the organizer of this campaign still putting up so many banners around UTAR? Aren't you suppose to use less papers?

How many of you adopt a plant? For me, dream on. There's no trees for me to adopt in UTAR because of this picture below....

Can you see how many trees where chopped down for parking spaces?

Spotted this laminated sign "SILENCE PLEASE EXAMINATION IN PROGRESS" while I was heading to look for my bicycle.

Why would I want to picked it up? If I were to pick, I'm not that free to entertain DSA officers with "puik" attitudes. Ignorance is Bliss.

Gardenia bread available in Peninsular Malaysia damn fresh...

Soft fluffy bread.

660 grams for RM 3.15

Garlic spread perfect for breakfast and supper.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Cycling Trip to Tin Dredge Heritage, Bt. Gajah [Part 7]

We moved on towards ground floor...

How heavy can it be?

Staff toilet during that time. And their shit goes down to the lake. YUX MAX!

After spending 2 hours on the tin dredge, we entered this mini museum displaying pictures of the past. I did took picture but lazy to post it here. So, time to start cycling back to Kampar.

Bye cute dog! (Spotted somewhere next to mini tin dredge museum)

On the way back to Kampar, we pulled over at the bus stop, the Tg. Tualang <=> Malim Nawar bus stop...

Awesome weather!

The reason we pulled over...

One of tire's spokes cabutz, Wai Meng's bike.

After don't-know-how-many-kilometres cycling, some of them realize the spoke was stuck! Salute to Wai Meng nothing happen throughout the journey.

Cabut-ing it off.

The journey returning to Kampar made us came across a beautiful view around Jalan Mati...

Blue lake!

Arrived Kampar around 12 noon. Total distance travelled: 36.21 km.

P.S.: This is a scheduled post.

P.S.: This cycling trip is not for the purpose of charity.

P.S.: This is as well nothing to do with UTAR.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cycling Trip to Tin Dredge Heritage, Bt. Gajah [Part 6]

After the breath-taking view, we were back inside the dredge...

Most metal bucket were labeled with number but didn't goes accordingly.

Me with the metal bucket.

Bucket Emergency Stop.

Dead creatures.

Heavy anchor?

No helmet available for us.

The view of right part of tin dredge.

Kah Keong was anticipating enough to climb up.

Then I found out this...

I don't understand what "stone chute whilst" means. Maybe...

It's too late to tell them but they carry on climbing up except me.

Kah Keong: I'm top of the WORLD!

You know why I snapped this pic?

The answer to that question is this.


Another magnificent view!

Can you spot a bird's nest and eggs?

To be continued in next post...

P.S.: This is a scheduled post.