Friday, November 26, 2010

Alhonga Bicycle Brake Pads

I've got this bicycle brake pads few weeks ago. Well, I bought it online from this website. You can't get good bicycle accessories in most bicycle shops in Kampar. Even if it does, the price of it will be a "neck-strangling".

I just love best braking performance of my bicycle. I came across this brake pads from Alhonga, Taiwan-made (I trust Made in Taiwan more than Made in China).

RM 15 for both brake pads above.

Front bicycle brake pads.

Rear bicycle brake pads.

Compatible with V-brakes.

Google up for more info regarding this brand...

Picture above taken from Alhonga's website.

Fiery red rear brake pads.

L = Left

R = Right

Seriously, I was damn damn satisfied with my front brakes performance now. Except for the noise emitted once I hit the front brakes.

I've tried to eliminate the noise by applying a little oil onto my bicycle rim and wiped it off with dry clothe. Noise reduced but braking performance drop a little. Just hope I do some "warm up & burn out" on it over a period of time.

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Anonymous said...

Always slightly toe-in the brake pads so that they don't make noise and will actually brake better. You can read more about this here: