Monday, November 1, 2010

Cycling Trip [Part 2]

Right, we arrived at Tg. Tualang for stopover just to get Chin Seng's bicycle fixed. So we explored around this so-called sleepy town to me.

While cycling around this town to look for workshops, Tg. Tualang is well-known with banyak Restoran Makanan Laut. But none of these Seafood Restaurants open during the day...

We went to motorcycle workshop but were told to get spare parts in hardware shop instead...

Parked like nobody's business.

Sadly to see this. My "gearbox" protector was broken and fallen in the middle of nowhere. I need to be careful with my trousers to avoid dirty grease.

I walked around Tg. Tualang town just to capture some photos...

It's big!

This big fish is much bigger compared to my home (Already RIP).

Lurve my Crocs! The brand name itself means TOUGH!

After getting Chin Seng's bike done, we made our way to have groupshots...

A groupshot TAKE 1 before leaving for Batu Gajah town.
Left to Right: Yik Hoong, Yi Shin, Kah Keong, Christopher, ME, Wai Meng, Chin Seng & Mike.

A groupshot TAKE 2 before leaving for Batu Gajah town.

Bicycles line up.

The journey to Batu Gajah...

Mini Caltex Petrol Station. So deserted. CLOSED!

In the middle of nowhere.

Passed by Malaysian Heritage Tin Dredge. Click here for news about it.

Even passed by another small town called Chendrong. But we even came back to this town for break and bought drinks to quenched our thirst.

Welcome to Batu Gajah! To be continued in next post.

P.S.: This is a scheduled post.


sook beng said...

it's going to b a memorable experience after u leave uni..
u boys are very adventurous, and a girl, yi shin if i m not mistaken..
but u adrian, paling keng coz can camwhore/snap pix and cycle at the same time..

Adrian Foo (符显杨) said...

First time in my life I've cycled such a long distance.

I must say I really salute to Yi Shin. Didn't expect her to pop up for this trip.

Hahaha camwhore only when the road is clear. LoL!

sook beng said...

it is indeed far, very very very far.. but u guys made it...

haha, she is 1 active girl, i'm not surprise..