Friday, November 5, 2010

Cycling Trip [Part 4]

Since Kellie's Castle was located on the opposite side of the lane, we took the nearest U-turn...

More info about Kellie's Castle, click here.

We were greeted by...



The castle!

Don't harm me...

The journey of kilometers has finally brought a group 8 traveled all the way up to Kellie's Castle. Everyone were exhausted and yet satisfied upon arriving such tourist spot...

A-must-not-miss photo with my bicycle and Kellie's Castle as background. How wonderful to have a SABAH flag to make this picture PERFECT!

Lucky monkey didn't try to puncture some Christopher's wheels. Else, he'll end up walking back to Kampar.

This was the only view I can snapped. Because of Mike needs to rush back to Kampar to join his other gangs to KL, we can't get the chance to enter the castle.

This monkey non-stop entertaining us by his pose. I wondered what will happen if the side mirror suddenly jatuh.

Before we left for Kampar, a picture that totally worth memories throughout the entire cycling trip...

Groupshot TAKE 1.
Left to Right: Yik Hoong, Yi Shin (Rena), Chin Seng, Mike, Kah Keong, Christopher & Wai Meng

Groupshot TAKE 2.

ExploRace II? We've seen quite a number of cars with such sticker over there It could be a competition going on. They are traveling to the castle by car but we the group of 8 traveled there by bicycle. How proud are we then?

We started our journey back to Kampar...

Kampar where?

Kampar how far to go?

We pulled over at a flyover to wait for Captain SLOWs again and again. This time, at Batu Gajah's KTM station...

Exhausted but excited look.

The UPs and DOWNs throughout the journey made everyone tired shifting bicycle gears for optimum speed. Heavy breathing and fast heart pumping indeed.

Resulted some to walking while pushing their bikes along.

And it's back to single carriage way...

Pulled over at one of Pondoks a.k.a shelter to wait for Captain SLOWs AGAIN! Hahaha...

Another moment while waiting for Captain SLOWs, they posed for picture.

Then here came the RAIN suddenly! We were forced NOT to continue cycling. It was quite heavy rain and we managed to stay under the bus stop nearby. The Tanjung Tualang <=> Malim Nawar junction bus stop (All mobile phones, cameras and relevant gadgets were "confiscated" and placed into plastic bag to avoid rain contact)[That's the reason I can't snap any photos that time].

Half and hour later, rain totally stopped not until in the middle of nowhere, drizzling but not so heavy rain. We continued with slower speed.

To end this post, around 2 p.m. on 30 October 2010, we finally arrived safely in Kampar. By BICYCLES! Well done everyone! The journey of 66.07 km has brought us back to Kampar safely and also memories.

P.S.: This is a scheduled post.

P.S.S.: This is NOT a charity event.

P.S.S.S.: No Certificate of Participation?

P.S.S.S.S.: Looking for another cycling event to nearest historical place in Kampar or maybe Teluk Intan a.k.a Teluk Anson.