Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cycling Trip to Tin Dredge Heritage, Bt. Gajah [Part 2]

Strange enough that there's no tour guide here. So we explored this tin dredge by our own like nobody's business. All we did was investigate and made assumptions as if we were Historians.

That was why RM 5 entrance fee per person worth dying for. I'm proud enough (cipta Sejarah Malaysia terunggul) if I drown to dead when this tin dredge sink on that day.

Hence, for this post there's nobody's faces in all pictures. A boring post. Only machinery, artifacts and bla bla...

The sinking part. It's going to sink fully someday.

Safety sign.

Made in England.

Antique ammeter.

A lot of parts and places for us to explore.

"Safety is everybody's business".
Accidents are preventable.
Safety is a line responsibility.
And safety activity is justified.

A nice quote! And that's all for this post. Will be continued...

P.S.: This is a scheduled post.

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