Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cycling Trip to Tin Dredge Heritage, Bt. Gajah [Part 4]

Again, the tour carried on at don't-know-which-level we were at...

Men at WORK! Kononnya.

Where's the chalks?

Switches are stolen?

Looooonnngggg ruler.

No one can tell us how it function.

Broken glass window due to Communism? World War? Or kampung boys did it?

"High Yardage + High Running Time + High Output"

Fire extinguisher.

Wish to get a piece back, laminate it and treasure it.


"Maximum production at low cost"

I know I'm tanned.

Kah Keong and Wai Meng.

Then came Mike and Christoper. I don't there to step in because of four person's weight.


Broken glass window from outside view.

Mike Lee.

Similar to "punch card" method?

Why in the world there's a sink outside?

Key hanger, can you spot "staff toilet"?

I believed that this trip came up to 7 post. More and more pictures in the next post. Stay tuned...

P.S.: This is a scheduled post.

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