Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cycling Trip to Tin Dredge Heritage, Bt. Gajah [Part 6]

After the breath-taking view, we were back inside the dredge...

Most metal bucket were labeled with number but didn't goes accordingly.

Me with the metal bucket.

Bucket Emergency Stop.

Dead creatures.

Heavy anchor?

No helmet available for us.

The view of right part of tin dredge.

Kah Keong was anticipating enough to climb up.

Then I found out this...

I don't understand what "stone chute whilst" means. Maybe...

It's too late to tell them but they carry on climbing up except me.

Kah Keong: I'm top of the WORLD!

You know why I snapped this pic?

The answer to that question is this.


Another magnificent view!

Can you spot a bird's nest and eggs?

To be continued in next post...

P.S.: This is a scheduled post.

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