Friday, November 19, 2010

Cycling Trip to Tin Dredge Heritage, Bt. Gajah [Part 7]

We moved on towards ground floor...

How heavy can it be?

Staff toilet during that time. And their shit goes down to the lake. YUX MAX!

After spending 2 hours on the tin dredge, we entered this mini museum displaying pictures of the past. I did took picture but lazy to post it here. So, time to start cycling back to Kampar.

Bye cute dog! (Spotted somewhere next to mini tin dredge museum)

On the way back to Kampar, we pulled over at the bus stop, the Tg. Tualang <=> Malim Nawar bus stop...

Awesome weather!

The reason we pulled over...

One of tire's spokes cabutz, Wai Meng's bike.

After don't-know-how-many-kilometres cycling, some of them realize the spoke was stuck! Salute to Wai Meng nothing happen throughout the journey.

Cabut-ing it off.

The journey returning to Kampar made us came across a beautiful view around Jalan Mati...

Blue lake!

Arrived Kampar around 12 noon. Total distance travelled: 36.21 km.

P.S.: This is a scheduled post.

P.S.: This cycling trip is not for the purpose of charity.

P.S.: This is as well nothing to do with UTAR.

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