Sunday, November 21, 2010

Week 3 & 4 in UTAR Oct 2010

What pissed me off what this campaign called "Give Me 5" in UTAR. I think it's useless and hopeless. There are so many banners hanging around UTAR compound...

Will you drive according to this message through this campaign? UTAR should stop providing ample of parking space instead.

The whole campus is hot and humid. How many of you simple enter an empty rooms and turn on air-con?

Why the organizer of this campaign still putting up so many banners around UTAR? Aren't you suppose to use less papers?

How many of you adopt a plant? For me, dream on. There's no trees for me to adopt in UTAR because of this picture below....

Can you see how many trees where chopped down for parking spaces?

Spotted this laminated sign "SILENCE PLEASE EXAMINATION IN PROGRESS" while I was heading to look for my bicycle.

Why would I want to picked it up? If I were to pick, I'm not that free to entertain DSA officers with "puik" attitudes. Ignorance is Bliss.

Gardenia bread available in Peninsular Malaysia damn fresh...

Soft fluffy bread.

660 grams for RM 3.15

Garlic spread perfect for breakfast and supper.

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