Friday, December 17, 2010

Shopping @ Jusco Kinta City, Ipoh - 15 Dec 2010

Since I was too free and so many days to go before returning KK, I traveled to Ipoh...

Waiting for "rotten" bus (I'm not a spoilt brat) from Kampar to Ipoh.

Saw this awesome truck passing through but not sure heading to where.

Upon arrival at Medan Kidd, Ipoh...

Hop on Perak Transit bus to Jaya Jusco. Picture in courtesy of Ipoh Echo.

Actually the bus has only 1 door for passenger to get in. And it's in light blue color. And they started to implement new system...

1. Insert exact amount of bus fare for your destination into this "so-called donation" box.
2. Then only the bus driver will key in your destination to print out receipt/ticket.

From Medan Kidd Bus Station to Jaya Jusco for RM 2.00.

The most common issue in Malaysia, if you don't prepare small change for public transport like bus / taxi, the driver would go mad at you. NO change will be return or NO ticket issue unless you prepare a proper amount.

The good thing about this new bus, Perak Transit bus is fully air-conditioned, comfy and I feel so syiok! got turbo lagi tu...

The new bus comes with reverse camera, can you spot the monitor?

After shopping and enjoying the great food, I waited for bus, also Perak Transit...

This bus still using the old fashion way, giving out tickets once you have you have paid him. The driver was too pro enough that he didn't turn on monitor (Arrow) for reversing guide.

Ipoh Town.

Bought two khakis pants from Giordano.

Malaysia Year End Sale is here and going to end soon before Chinese New Year preparations starts. So I better keep those pants for CNY celebrations.


Cee said...

sorry to trouble u, i'd like to ask you about the Perak Transit bus, izzit the bus will stop in Medan Kidd, and u change another bus to Jusco there?


Adrian Foo (符显杨) said...

I didn't get the chance to ride Perak Transit from Kampar Bus Station to Medan Kidd. Instead, I took the usual Kinta Bus.

Upon arrival at Medan Kidd, Ipoh, I hopped on another bus called Perak Transit to Jusco.