Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Week 7, Study Week & Exam in UTAR Oct 2010

It's like so many weeks I've abandon this blog. I need to prepare for 1 and only subject for final exam.

Nothing much happen...

Looks new but it's a used phone. Everyone will give the "huh?" look.

Silly recycle bins around Westlake Homes being abused for other purpose.

Damn! After exam on 11 December 2010, I'm so bloody free. And my flight back to KK is on 24 December 2010.

Help my brother to flashed a new ROM, Windows Mobile 6.5 into his Sony Ericsson Xperia X1.

Comes with HTC Sense UI.

Things to do before going back to KK for semester break:
  1. Meet my FYP Supervisor (I don't feel like meeting him)
  2. Clean up my room
  3. Go Ipoh Kinta City
  4. Visit Teluk Intan?
  5. ...

To find out more about the above screenshot, click here.

Maybe going to Ipoh for window shopping tomorrow.

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